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A Mother's Love Lullaby Brunch

A Mother's Love Lullaby Brunch
  • May 11, 2019 - 10:30am to 1:00pm
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Sarah Toney

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The Grove
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95 Foothill Road

“A Mother’s Love” Lullaby Brunch benefits women in recovery and their children, and includes a delectable 3-course brunch with breakfast cocktails & mimosas, a gift for mom & live music performed by Reno Phil musician, Aren Long.

About the Lullaby Project
Inspired by Carnegie Hall’s ‘Lullaby Project’Note-Able Music Therapy Services (NMTS) partnered with STEP2 and the Reno Phil to make the Lullaby Project a reality in Northern Nevada. Through this collaboration, women from STEP2 (a residential addiction treatment center for women) have stepped out of their comfort zones with guidance from NMTS music therapists to write, sing and record lullabies for their children. After the lyrics and music were written, the women chose the instruments they wanted, and musicians from the Reno Philharmonic brought the songs to life. The project culminated in recording sessions at Tanglewood Studios with each woman receiving a copy of their lullaby to share with her children.

The stories of the women in the Lullaby Project demonstrate the power of music to create lasting change. Each woman glows with vibrant positivity, hope, and empowerment; a glow they did not know they had or lost in their struggle with addiction. Each of them describe a newly gained sense of confidence, strength and self-worth from participating in this project.

Money raised from the Lullaby Brunch will be used to continue the program, enabling even more women to use the power of music to reclaim their lives, and heal their relationships with themselves and their children.