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Handling Northern Nevada Winters
01.02.2023 | Independent living | Posted by Admin

The January 2023 storms have been good reminders of the importance of being prepared for Northern Nevada winters.

Don't Let the Flu Knock You Down
12.04.2022 | Disability resources | Posted by J. Shelton

As we enter the winter months, it looks like we’re going to have more than snow and ice to worry about.

Holiday Travel in the Time of COVID
10.28.2022 | Independent living | Posted by J. Shelton

It’s November, which means you might be planning holiday travel. As with everything else, COVID has disrupted the travel industry so it’s even more important to plan ahead. 

Hiring People with Disabilities Just Makes Sense
10.04.2022 | Independent living | Posted by J Shelton

People with disabilities want and deserve jobs just as much as anyone else. And employers benefit from hiring people with disabilities.

Blind Equality Achievement Month
10.04.2022 | Independent living | Posted by Jackie

October is also officially Blindness Awareness Month, which is officially designated to “bring a heightened focus on the blind and visually impaired community and the realities of living

Being the Change
09.07.2022 | Independent living | Posted by J. Shelton

White Pine High School senior Autumn Cavender says her teachers generally follow IEP guidelines, but for her (and presumably other IEP students), they need more individualized accommodati

Forging Justice
08.01.2022 | Independent living | Posted by J. Shelton

Photo collage of DC trip

Mark Wellman Adventure Day
06.29.2022 | Independent living | Posted by J Shelton

We were very proud to co-promote Mark Wellman Adventure Day at Sparks Marina Park on June 5, when

The ADA Turns 32
06.29.2022 | Disability resources | Posted by J Shelton

On July 26, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turns 32!

Enjoying The Great Outdoors with a Disability
06.24.2022 | Disability resources | Posted by Admin

People flock to Nevada from all over the world to spend time in our amazing mountains, deserts, rivers and lakes.