We're here for you. 

If there’s something you need during this crisis,
please call us at 353-3599 or email us, and we’ll figure out a way to get it done.

Lisa Bonie, Executive Director

Hilda Velasco, Operations Manager

Joni Inglis, Lead Independent Living Advocate

Deb Maijala, Rural Independent Living Advocate

Patti Rodriguez, Independent Living Skills Coordinator

Mark Tadder, Blindness Advocacy and Resource Officer

Mona Coker, Independent Living Assistant

 Michelle Groy, Independent Living Assistant

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The Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living was founded by a group of people with disabilities to help others with disabilities develop the skills they need to achieve independent living. We are a dynamic organization that responds to the needs of our community.

Our services include:

Independent Living Skills

Information & Referral
Peer Support Groups
Rural Services
Social & Recreational
Technical Assistance
Transition Services
Emergency Preparedness Training
Blind & Low Vision Life Skills
Voters' Bill of Rights

If you require assistance or resources that are not addressed on this site, please reach out to us. We work one-on-one with individuals to help them achieve their independent living goals.
And, as a non-profit, we provide most of our services to our community at little to no cost.