Rural Outreach

The Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living (NNCIL) is partnering with various agencies to expand its services into the rural areas of Nevada.

NNCIL staffers will be visiting a different rural Nevada area each week to share information about products and services available to rural residents who have disabilities.

“There are funds available for everything from walkers and shower chairs to telecommunications equipment and actual home modifications,” explained Hentjie Apag, NNCIL’s Community and Home Access Program Manager. “When we visit, we’ll share information on the available equipment and funding, but we can also work with people to arrange for actual construction of ramps, widened doors, shower handles, or whatever else they might need to live independently.”

If you’re interested in arranging a visit to your city, please call NNCIL Rural Services Coordinator, Deb Maijala at 775-353-3599.