Everyone at Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living is committed to helping our consumers grow, develop and share fully the joys and responsibilities of society, regardless of the severity of his or her disability.

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 Did You Know?

  • According to the US Census, Nevada has seen roughly a 28% increase in the number of people who are blind or visually impaired since 2008
  • There are almost 65,000 blind or visually impaired individuals in Nevada 89% (58,000) are over the age of 18
  • There hasn’t been an increase in blind/visually impaired service providers and services:

Life skills
Qualified trainers

  • Not all services and supports are covered by insurance

What are the gaps in services across the LIFESPAN (youth, students, adults, senior and
retirees) for people who are blind or visually impaired ?
If this information is of interest to you, a family member, a friend or someone you know,
the State of Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division,
Nevada Disability Advocacy & Law Center,
State of Nevada Department of Employment Training & Rehabilitation,
Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living,
and the National Federation of the Blind Nevada,
in conjunction with the Statewide Independent Living and Assistive Technology Councils,
interested persons to join the Town Hall Meeting
Participation and suggestions at the community level will be used to develop what is needed to effectively meet the needs for Nevadans who are blind or have visual impairments.

NOTE: We are pleased to make reasonable accommodations for members of the public who have disabilities and wish to attend the meeting. If special arrangements for the meeting are necessary, please notify Anna Maria Carini at (775) 333-7878 as soon as possible and at least five days in advance of the meeting. If you wish, you may e-mail her at AnnaMaria@ndalc.org.